AIF – Stainless Steal Expert

From Engineering to Installation

From Engineering to Installation

As a subcontractor working in stainless steel transformation,  Acier inoxydable Fafard provides turnkey services, from engineering to installation.

Engineering according to Acier inoxydable Fafard

Engineering allows us to design, develop and manufacture products and structures for our loyal clients. To do so, our engineers use their expertise to solve complex problems and create effective solutions to improve the daily lives of our clients.

Engineering: the first step in our process

Engineering is the first step in our process. We have a team of experienced people in the field working closely with our clients to understand their needs and design customized solutions. We use the latest technologies and advanced modelling tools to design state-of-the-art products that meet our clients’ requirements.

After engineering, manufacturing

After the engineering phase and the design approval with the client, we move on to the manufacturing stage. We have our own workshop equipped with the latest machinery and technology to produce high-end components according to the specifications of our plans. We use high-quality materials to ensure product durability and reliability for our clients.

After engineering and manufacturing, installation

The final stage in our process is installation. We have several qualified installation teams who work quickly and efficiently. We understand that installation is a crucial stage to ensure the success of our projects.  That’s why we pay close attention to detail, ensuring a superior installation.

Proud of our engineering expertise, but even more…

We pride ourselves not only on our engineering expertise but also on our manufacturing and installation expertise. We benefit from extensive experience across various sectors, such as the food processing, industrial and pharmaceutical industries as well as water treatment. We can, therefore, meet our clients’ most complex and demanding needs thanks to our expertise, commitment and professionalism.