AIF – Stainless Steal Expert

Industrial subcontracting

Metal cutting

6KW fiber with 5ft x 10ft 3/8 thick tables. We can also troubleshoot by cutting ½.

CNC folding

– 6 axes and a length of 80” with a capacity of 80 tons.
– 6 axes and a length of 144’’ with a capacity of 200 tons.
– 6 axes and a length of 144’’ with a capacity of 220 tons.
*Please note that all our press brakes are equipped with high-end punches and dies without contamination.
We also use membrane so as not to leave any die marks on the parts

Milling, threading, rolling and deburring

3 inch capacity rolls 16 Ga 24 in
6 inch capacity rolls 3/16 60 in
2 Drill presses
Milling 82 – 90 -100 degree 0 @ 1 ½
Metric/Imperial/NPT threading
Drilling up to 5 in. by punch

Metal Sheet & Mechanical Assembly

black printing
Crimp nut installation (insert)
*Interchange polishing and welding place; Welding must be before polishing


With more than 35 years of experience in the transformation of stainless steel, we have been able to equip ourselves widely in order to offer our partners a finished product according to their needs. Since our beginnings AIF worked in many different industries such as the agri-food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors, we have the expertise to finalize the project according to your desired finish.


Our team of 15 professional welders is the reason why AIF surpasses quality standards and continues to improve its welding methods in order to meet your needs, as specific and different as they may be.

Being a CWB certified company, our contributors are just as proficient in GTAW, FCAW, RSW (spot weld) type welds.