AIF – Stainless Steal Expert

Paperless factory & digitalisation 4.0

With innovation always on its mind, AIF has always questioned itself in terms of technologies and manufacturing processes. Well anchored in its genes, the company is thirsty for new technologies and know-how which pushes us to attend regularly at the various fairs, congresses, exhibitions and activities of the industry (Hanover, Fabtech, MMTS, Genium, etc… ).

Always listening to its partners, AIF has decided to take the 4.0 turn in order to remain a leader in its field, to be and remain at the forefront of innovation and thus be better equipped to adapt to the changes in the industry.

Today, Acier Inoxydable Fafard is proud to say that after several years of reflection, trials and errors, and company visits (benchmark), we managed to considerably reduce our ecological footprint, but also to improve the pleasure of all contributors within the organization.